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BSc in Acupuncture (weekend and weekday options) – our next courses start end of September/early October 2019. Find out more by joining us for our online presentation and Q&A evening or on our next full days acupuncture introductory event on Saturday 16th February  - click here to book your place  

Northern College of Acupuncture student Kate talks about what she is enjoying about the BSC course

Acupuncture student Kate talks about what she is enjoying about the BSc course

10. How will you teach me to become an acupuncturist?

On our acupuncture degree courses we teach you in many different ways, reflecting the diverse nature of the subject of traditional Chinese acupuncture and using the most up to date teaching methods.  During your three years studying acupuncture you will build your abilities, confidence and self-awareness as a practitioner and as a whole person.

  • We teach you in the classroom - many of these sessions cover the practical aspects of becoming an acupuncturist - massage techniques, point location, pulse and tongue diagnosis and needle technique. Others teach you about traditional Chinese medicine and biomedicine. Other teaching sessions cover a wide variety of topics including personal and professional development, Chinese philosophy, and research.

  • We teach you by e-learning - throughout the course you will be engaging with regular e-learning sessions, some of which prepare you for the subjects that you are learning in class and clinic, and some of which are stand-alone sessions.  The e-learning is more than just watching slides on screen, it is an interactive experience and you will be able to ask your tutor questions and engage with your fellow students on the forums.

Northern College of Acupuncture student Katy talks about e-learning and how it works

Acupuncture student Katy talks about e-learning and how it works

  • We teach you in our teaching clinic - you will be putting everything you learn in class into practice in our teaching clinic here at the College. Open Monday–Saturday all year round our teaching clinic is firmly at the heart of the College and your acupuncture training. All your classroom learning feeds into your clinical learning, and for the majority of our students this is their favourite part of the course.  A variety of highly qualified and dedicated clinical supervisors will guide you in your clinical practice, helping you to build your skills and confidence. In your third year you will be leading the patient consultations and treatment, getting ready to become an independent practitioner.  

  • You will be supporting your classroom and clinical work with home study - this could be working on your assignments, reading, or practising practical techniques or point location. The guideline we give is 2 hours of home study for each hour in class or clinic - but this very much depends on you and how you learn.

  • We teach you business skills - in order to help you set up your practice.


Northern college of acupuncture, Beth Mottershead

Beth Mottershead -

“Thank you to you all for creating such a special environment in which to study and develop. The NCA is so unique in all the best ways and I feel truly privileged to have studied here.”