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Slow pathway

Chrissy Thomas - recent Northern College of Acupuncture graduate

Chrissy Thomas – recent graduate

I studied for my BSc in Acupuncture over 4 years. After the first year of full-time study it became clear to me, that as a mother of three and working part-time, I could not find enough time to study. I was not prepared to just scrape through to get to the end of the course. I am passionate about Chinese Medicine AND about my family so after discussion and advise from the helpful staff at NCA, I decided to split my second year and take the slow pathway. It was absolutely right for me, It could give both my family and my studies the attention it needed. I gave up work in my final year, which enabled me to consolidate everything I had learnt over the four years. I am now a qualified acupuncturist, working part-time in my previous profession whilst devoting the rest of my working hours to building my private practice and working in a community acupuncture clinic.

If you have work or other commitments which would make studying full time over three years difficult, or if you are not eligible for a student loan and would like to work more hours in order to spread the cost – we offer a slow pathway. This means taking the BSc in Acupuncture over four years. You can still choose between weekend and weekday study.


We also offer you the opportunity to spread the fee payments over 45 monthly instalments over the 4 years of study. For students starting with us in 2019 taking the four year pathway your fees would be:

*Paying your own fees 45 payments of £561
*Taking out a part-time tuition fee student loan over four years of £4,625 each year 45 top up payments of £150


2019-20 fees

Payments will start in October of your first year and finish in the June of your final year.

*For students commencing study in 2019 these fees are fixed until July 2022, unless the national inflation rate (CPI) exceeds 5% or is less than 1%, in which case the College reserves the right to vary the fees quoted here.

*The annual sum you can borrow as a part time tuition fee loan may increase in future.


For eligible students you will be able to apply for a part-time tuition fee loan to help with the course fees and a maintenance loan to help with your living costs.


Modules in each year for the four year pathway

Year 1 Modules – Level 4 Year 3 Modules – Level 5
Being and Becoming 20 credits Clinical Practice 40 credits
Foundations of Clinical Practice 40 credits Clinical Reality 1 40 credits
Foundations of Chinese Medicine 40 credits Days in Clinic – 17
Bodywork for Acupuncturists 20 credits Year 4 Modules – Level 6
Days in clinic - 8 Clinical Management 40 credits
Year 2 Modules – Level 5 Clinical Reality 2 40 credits
Biomedicine for Acupuncturists 20 credits Acupuncture Research 20 credits
Understanding Disharmony 20 credits Integration and Diversity 20 credits
Days in clinic - 5 top up days Days in clinic - 20


How does the slow pathway work?

There is more classroom attendance, e-learning and home study in the first year as we introduce you to traditional Chinese medicine and practical aspects of studying acupuncture, and also in the fourth year as we consolidate your learning and prepare you for practice.

In the second and third year you will only attend the lectures scheduled for the modules that you are studying that year. If you are studying on the weekday course this will mean that there are whole days you do not have to attend. However if you are studying on the weekend course you may find yourself in class for part of each teaching weekend.

Your clinic days are scheduled well in advance.


If you study on the four year pathway you will find yourself studying with different cohorts in different years. However, don’t worry, our friendly cohorts are a very welcoming bunch and each year the dynamic of most cohorts will naturally change.