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BSc in Acupuncture (weekend and weekday options) – our next courses start end of September/early October 2019. Find out more by joining us for our online presentation and Q&A evening or on our next full days acupuncture introductory event on Saturday 16th February  - click here to book your place  

Northern College of Acupuncture student Kate talks about e-learning and how it works

Recent Graduate Kate talks about what she is enjoying about the BSC course

Information on studying on our BSc in acupuncture here in York

Studying on our BSc in Acupuncture

We are proud of our BSc in Acupuncture and our student’s progression to fully qualified acupuncture practitioners.

The BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture will give you:

• A qualification recognised by the professional body the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)
• An acupuncture qualification that will enable you to establish yourself as an acupuncture practitioner
• A complete three year practical training to ensure that you can become a confident and competent acupuncturist
• An academic degree qualification
• An option to study acupuncture if you do not have formal prior qualifications
• An opportunity to access student loans (if you are eligible)
• The basic business skills you need to set up your practice

Student finance for our BSc in Acupuncture weekend and weekday

Students who are eligible can access a full time student tuition fee loan and maintenance loans for both our weekday and weekend BSc in Acupuncture courses. Students wishing to take the course at a slower pace may, if they are eligible, apply for a part time tuition fee loan.


Studying on our BSc in Acupuncture

Our three year BSc in acupuncture course is ideal for students who do not have prior University experience and is a complete practitioner training from scratch. The BSc is our most popular option for practitioner training as the majority of our students come to us without an initial degree and many of our students are accessing student loans. It is designed to give you plenty of structure and guidance early on as you grow in confidence.

As NCA acupuncture student you will find yourself in a lively cohort of peers who enjoy their undergraduate identity and support each other through the course of study.
The main difference about studying as a BSc student is that your practitioner training also contains an academic element and you come out with an academic degree as well as the ability to go into practice. This demonstrates to your patients that your training has been to a University degree level which increases their confidence in you. Your own confidence as a practitioner is also firmly rooted in your academic knowledge as well as a thorough practical training.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be a highly capable practitioner, with a BSc in Acupuncture awarded by Middlesex University, and eligible to apply for membership of the BAcC and start your practice.

Northern College of Acupuncture student Rachel talks about inspiring lessons, TCM in mental health and plans after graduating

Graduate Rachel talks about inspiring lessons, TCM in mental health

BSc in Acupuncture

  • In the classroom

You will be learning in class and as the majority of our students are returning to study after a long break we will give you plenty of guidance and support as you find your feet.

  • Homestudy

You will be expected to continue your studies at home. We give you a guide of two hours homestudy for every hour here in College or clinic. Differentiated homestudy guidance tailored to the BSc course is provided for you to use after each taught session.

  • Assessment

Guidance is provided in terms of clear assessment criteria for each assessment which relate to the Learning Outcomes for the module in which the assessment sits. These details are clearly presented to students at the beginning of each academic year.

  • E-learning

Some of the taught sessions on the BSc course are via e-learning on our virtual learning environment. Don’t worry if you are new to e-learning – we give you lots of support.


We welcome applications from mature students and those who do not have a conventional educational background. We also welcome students coming straight from A levels. For more information about eligibility go to the page called “Eligibility”.

Entry requirements

We welcome applications from mature students and those who do not have a conventional educational background. We also welcome students coming straight from A levels.