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Student loans and how to fund the course

Studying full time on the BSc in Acupuncture (weekend and weekday)

Student loans

If you are eligible for a student loan you will be able to apply via the Student Finance systems in England, Scotland and Wales.

You will be eligible for a student tuition fee loan and a means tested maintenance loan if you:

  • Have not already accessed government higher education loans and grants.

You may be eligible for one or more years of student finance if you:

  • Have completed a HND or diploma course (such as a nursing diploma).
  • Started but did not finish a degree course.

You will not be eligible for student finance if you:

  • Have already completed a degree or equivalent, regardless of how it was funded.



What you will get:

  • A tuition fee loan of £6,165 each year for three years. Please note that this money does not cover the whole of the course fee and the top up fee is paid in 9 instalments.
  • Depending upon your household income you may be able to access an annual maintenance loan to help with living expenses.



The tuition fee loan is paid directly to the College and the maintenance loan is paid to you.

Repaying your loans

You will start to pay back your loans once you have started to earn over £21,000. If your income drops below this the repayments stop until you have reached this earning threshold again.



When to apply for your loan

The window for applying for your 2019/20 student loan should be open in May. However you can create a log in and prepare your application form ready to send at any time before this. You don’t need a confirmed place on our course to apply for your loan - you can add this at a later date.



Davey Hynman - Year 3 student

Davey Hynman - Year 3 student

The flexibility of the course helps me to keep a handle on my busy life and I study and work at the same time. I like this mix as the study is the fun element of my life and the work helps me to afford the course on top of my student loan!


Students with children or dependent adults can also apply for:

  • Childcare Grant - full-time students only
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance - full-time students only
  • Adult Dependents’ Grant - full-time students only
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Extra help if you’re experiencing financial hardship



Disabled students

If you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia) you can apply for:

  • Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)
  • Extra help if you’re experiencing financial hardship
  • You may also qualify for disability related benefits



EU/EAA students living in the UK

If you are a student from another EU/EEA country living in the UK you may be eligible for student finance. We advise you to contact the relevant student finance agency in your area of the country to find out the current situation.

Studying part time on the BSc in Acupuncture

If you are looking to study part time (up to six years in total) and you have not already previously studied to degree level, you may be able to access part-time student loans. You will get up to £4,625 tuition fee loan per year and a maintenance loan to help with living costs which is assessed on your household income.

Applying for your student loan

Student Finance England logo

Students living in England apply to Student Finance England - call 0300 100 0607



SAAS logo

Students living in Scotland apply to Student Awards Scotland 0300 555 0505

Our BSc in Acupuncture is classified by the Students Award Agency for Scotland as full time and students will be eligible for student tuition fee loans of up to £6,165 per year, and for maintenance loans and grants which are assessed on your household income. Students resident in Scotland who already have a degree are not eligible for a tuition fee loan (unless their first degree was self-funded), but can apply for loan support to help with living costs.



Student Finance Wales logo

Students living in Wales apply to Student Finance Wales 0300 200 4050

Students in Wales are entitled to the same loans as students in England.



Student Finance Northern Ireland

If you live in Northern Ireland please contact us.

Funding for the BSc in Acupuncture if you are not eligible for a student loan

If you are applying for the BSc in Acupuncture and you already have a degree, you will not be eligible for a student loan. This is the case for many of our students who fund their studies by:

  • Using savings
  • Combining study with work

Other ideas

Financial help from your employer

If you are employed by an organisation such as the NHS and the acupuncture course is related to your job, it is possible, though unusual, that you may be able to get your employer to sponsor you. It may help to present the idea as a business case, emphasising the benefits to them. In large companies, the human resources or training department may have information about any funding schemes. If your employer cannot provide funding, they may be willing to offer paid or unpaid study leave.

Charities and Trusts

NCA students have on occasions been able to access small amounts of funding from charities or trusts but please be aware that, because this is an unorthodox subject area, many of the charities and trusts will not fund it. You can find out more about charities and trusts at your local library and on the internet.

Other Ideas

Our students have been creative about finding ways to help finance their studies. Some have approached family members for interest free loans or released equity from their properties.

Slow Pathway

This option provides a way of “earning and learning” by spreading the cost and study hours over four years.

Year two weekday students talk about how they fund the course


Emily Smith

Emily Smith

"I had not studied for a degree before so I receive the full time BSc tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan. Although I still live at home my maintenance loan was based on my income as I have worked and been financially independent for over five years. As well as the tuition fee loan that goes straight to the College, I get £2,500 per term to help with my living costs and this also helps me to pay the shortfall of the NCA course fees. I also work 2 days a week at my job as a carer in the community. I find that this balance between working and studying is working really well for me and I am enjoying my job and have plenty of time for my studies."

Emma Clarke

Emma Clarke

"I applied for my student loan in June, just as soon as I had decided that this was the right course for me. I decided to secure my loan before I applied for the acupuncture course because I wanted to make sure that I could get the funding. It was all very straightforward, I had a positive experience and the loan came through within a couple of weeks. I get both the tuition fee loan and a full maintenance loan. Because of some health issues I decided not to continue working but to concentrate on my studies for now, and I am loving every minute of the course. I look at my studies as my new job!"


Jacqueline Shaw

Jacqueline Shaw

"I don’t get a student loan so when it came to paying my course fees I decided to take advantage of the 2% discount and pay the fees upfront. I had some savings and this seemed to be the best option. I am in the lucky position of not having to work so I can concentrate on my studies."