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BSc in Acupuncture (weekend and weekday options) – our next courses start end of September/early October 2019. Find out more by joining us for our online presentation and Q&A evening or on our next full days acupuncture introductory event on Saturday 16th February  - click here to book your place  

BSc Module Credits

You will have seen that we teach in ‘streams’ that flow through all three years of the practitioner training programme – all of the years for the BSc degree programme.

Your study in the stream is taught and assessed at an appropriate academic level for the year of study – so for BSc students, year 1 is taught at level 4, year 2 at level 5 and year 3 at level 6. The Quality Assurance Agency provides a document detailing what each academic level means.



Each academic year consists of several modules, and students are assessed as having successfully completed modules, which can contain one or more ‘streams’ for that year. An end of year academic transcript is provided to each student, which details the assessments undertaken and marks given, module by module.

BSc module credits:

BSc in Acupuncture module stream credits breakdown