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Northern College of Acupuncture student Caroline talks about why she is enjoying her studies and her plans once she has completed her training

Acupuncture student Caroline talks about why she is enjoying her studies and her plans once she has completed her training

Cheng in class


Our teaching staff

The College is very much a community of learners and our dedicated teachers are at the heart of that community.

One of our greatest assets here at the NCA is undoubtedly our dedicated teaching faculty. All of the teaching staff on our acupuncture course are practitioners and they bring to their classes a huge wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for their subject. As well as teaching at the College and working in their busy practices, our staff devote time to learning more about education to ensure the highest of teaching standards, and they also find time to conduct research or develop areas of expertise. Students regularly comment on the dedication and commitment of the teaching team. They in turn aspire to see their students become confident, fully qualified acupuncture practitioners.

Let's hear from our tutors:


Julie Williams

Points and Clinical Skills Tutor Julie Williams

"As a student at NCA I received outstanding tuition and this inspired me to share my knowledge with others. Point location classes involve learning and measuring the specific locations for acupuncture points, where the needles should be inserted, whilst at the same time building knowledge of human anatomy. Clinical Skills covers a comprehensive range of needling techniques, moxa and cupping. Each new academic year sees an influx of students from different backgrounds and cultures who have come together to gain a greater understanding of acupuncture. I am very much a “people person” and over the three years the students are at NCA, I enjoy seeing them develop as individuals who will be able to fulfil their potential as practitioners once they graduate."


Nicky Thomas

Clinic Supervisor Nicky Thomas

"I see my role as a supervisor in the clinic as one that helps students learn what it means to be an acupuncturist. I do this by weaving together students’ own knowledge and skills; strengths and personalities so that they can develop their own personal style. My job is to ensure that patients receive the best quality care and that students develop into competent practitioners through the assessment of various skills, filling in gaps in knowledge through the experience of clinical practice. In many ways my relationship with students mirrors that of the practitioner and patient in that I am providing encouragement, and positive feedback; helping students trust themselves and adjusting support and structure in line with students’ experience and needs."


Annie Walker

Biomedicine for Acupuncturists Tutor Annie Walker

"Thanks to NCA, I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education with Middlesex University. This has enhanced how I teach - opening my awareness of different learning theories and underpinning them in practice has given me a stronger framework on which to hang teaching practice. My lectures have changed in their timings, structure and content and provide lots of opportunities to check and balance what is learnt throughout the day - no more ‘death by PowerPoint’!"



Let’s hear what our students say


Don teaching pulses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

"Learning pulses is a long process and having a good tutor that helps make sense of it all is amazing. Our tutors sessions of calibrating pulse taking have been a great help to me."

Lara teaching research at the Northern College of Acupuncture

"My favourite lesson is research with Lara. She has a passion for her subject which is contagious. She makes it humorous, relevant, and really encourages you to think about what you are reading, which you can apply to anything and everything, not just acupuncture research."

Ric teaching TCM at the Northern College of Acupuncture

"I really enjoyed the TCM theory lessons, as they introduced a completely different way of thinking about illness and disharmony to our western minds. Ric is an excellent tutor and delivers lessons with passion, enthusiasm and patience, keeping them light-hearted and fun."