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Julie Williams, tutor on the acupuncture courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

            Tutor Julie Williams

Julie, what do you enjoy most about the points location classes and teaching at the NCA?

"These classes are practical hands on sessions. The groups are small and personal which allows me to work on a one to one basis at times to support students, this can be very rewarding for both me and the students."

Difficult points session with our weekday year two students

With an important test on point location coming up the next day, the second year students are revising some of the more difficult to find points. The students have an opportunity to choose some points that they struggle with and the tutors were demonstrating them to the class - then going over them in pairs. Our second year weekday group are coming to the end of their second year and will soon be moving into their third. This means that in clinic they will be taking responsibility for the patient consultations and treatment. So it is very important that, at this crucial stage of their training, they are comfortable with their needling techniques and point location. They can now move into their third year clinic feeling confident, looking forward to “stepping up” and leading the patient treatments in clinic.


Emma Huston Jupp, tutor on the acupuncture courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

            Tutor Emma Huston Jupp

Emma, what are you teaching Lucy here?

"Lucy and I were looking closely at points on the Small Intestine channel, and reviewing the anatomy of the shoulder. I was showing Lucy an easy way to feel and isolate the scapula with one hand to allow her to palpate more precisely with the other hand to locate the points. In the picture I am using one hand to mark the medial border of the scapula and feeling along the scapula spine to find SI 13. A common mistake that students make is to drop off the corner of the scapula, so using a hand to mark the edge prevents you from going too far and missing the point."

Phil Montgomery, tutor on the acupuncture courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

            Tutor Phil Montgomery

Phil, can you tell us exactly what the students are learning in this session and how you are teaching them?

"In this session we are revising finding the location of back points. Identifying C7, which can be initially difficult and using this as a landmark to ascertain other acupuncture points. The students are split into pairs and practise point location on each other. The teachers circulate amongst the students and give one to one help and tuition. Finding C7 can be testing for a student but, as you can see from the photo, it can also be fun."


Caroline Marsden, in class on the acupuncture courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

            Caroline Marsden

Caroline, what are you looking forward to in your third year in the teaching clinic? Do you feel prepared?

"I have found the teaching clinics hugely beneficial, it offers you the opportunity to bring everything you have learnt in class together and at the same time provides you with invaluable patient/practitioner skills, building both your confidence and interpersonal skills. I am really looking forward to both leading clinic in year 3 and being part of a team. I have had excellent year 1 and 2 clinical experiences which will undoubtedly make the transition into third year both positive and exciting."

Marjana Kojar, in class on the acupuncture courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

            Marjana Kojar

Marjana, can you explain to us how your points skills are built during your first two years?

"We have a lot of practical “hands-on” sessions in the first year learning all the basic points. We also have regular tests and this is really useful to help us to remember them. At the end of the first year we have a final points assessment that we have to pass to go into our second year. In the second year we build on the basics with more points sessions and in this session we are revising some of the more difficult to locate points which is great because we will need them for our clinic sessions."