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Massage qualification at the end of Year 1

How we support our acupuncture students once they've graduated


There is an additional option of obtaining a qualification in massage during the summer between years 1 and 2 of the course that allows you to go into practice as a massage therapist at that point. This short top-up course is designed to build on what you have learned in the bodywork stream during your first year of study and refine your massage skills so that you can offer clients a full and accredited routine. This can be really helpful in generating an income during the remainder of your studies, and can give you the opportunity to build up a client base while you complete your acupuncture training. The course will be taught by the regular bodywork team and will consist of a full weekend’s attendance followed by an assessment day, with a workbook provided for home-study in between.


Acupuncture courses tutor Ben Elliot talks about becoming a massage therapist

Ben Elliot - bodywork tutor

"I was initially a massage therapist and added acupuncture training at the NCA. I now specialise in musculoskeletal conditions using a combination of bodywork techniques and acupuncture. When I am teaching I get a real buzz from seeing students, often starting with little or no experience, develop and explore the hands on approaches we offer. The massage qualification is going to be a real bonus for our students. Experience and practice is a huge part of development using hands on techniques. The qualification will allow students who choose this option to treat real people during the final two years of the course, allowing them to build up experience and introduce Chinese medicine theory to their bodywork treatments, and increasing skill in touch, palpation and communication along the way."



Recent Northern College of Acupuncture graduate Angela Lithgow-MacLean


Angela Lithgow-MacLean - recent graduate

"The massage qualification course really pulled together all we have been taught and I feel I can now give a smoother, more connected massage to clients rather than simply perform a series of standalone routines. Jenny, Jo and Ben were great and I felt the course hugely improved my confidence in bodywork. Each section of the body was broken down into easily understood areas and the techniques flowed well. We got plenty of time to practise and the fact that Jenny made us change partners each time was great as you got to understand different body types and indeed feel different approaches to the techniques."