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BSc in Acupuncture (weekend and weekday options) – our next courses start end of September/early October 2019. Find out more by joining us for our online presentation and Q&A evening or on our next full days acupuncture introductory event on Saturday 16th February  - click here to book your place  

Preparing for study

Ric in an acupuncture class with students Donna and Dennis

As well as coming from a wide range of backgrounds, our students have a variety of academic qualifications and experiences. Some of you may not have studied for a while, or not have much previous academic study experience. During the first year of our BSc in Acupuncture we will help you to gain the academic skills you need to succeed on the Course and there is extra help if you need it from our study support tutors. However you can help yourself to prepare in advance for studying with us - in a variety of ways.

IT skills

If your IT skills are a bit rusty, or you have not worked much with IT, we recommend you take a basic IT course such as CLAIT or ECDL. You can access these courses online or get in touch with your local Further Education College (FE) to see what they have on offer. Not only will you find enhanced IT skills useful on the course but they will stand you in good stead when you are running your own business as a fully qualified acupuncture practitioner.



Our suggested reading list has a variety of books recommended by our tutors to help you to find out more about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. You can read these as a way of helping to decide if studying acupuncture is right for you, or to help you to prepare for study with us. If you are excited and interested in what you read then you know you are on the right track.


Northern College of Acupuncture student Paul Davidson

Paul Davidson Year 1 student

"I am from an army background and hadn’t done much academic study before, so the NCA’s advice about online courses was very helpful . I took a couple of free courses in the year before I started at the NCA including the “Learning how to learn” which helped me to recognise how I learn and put strategies into place. Now I have started I am glad that I did this and would highly recommend looking into what’s available and choosing the right preparation course(s) for you."

Introduction to academic learning

If you are returning to study after a long break or have English as a second language, you may have concerns about being ready to study at university level. There are some free online courses which you may like to study, before coming to the NCA, or within your first year here.


Taking an A level or O level

Taking an A or O level is a good way to get back into academic study and your local FE College will probably provide A and O levels as night classes. We suggest Human Biology as a useful area of study – however any subject will get the grey matter working and get you back into study mode.

Getting hands on

Taking an introduction to bodywork course or another complementary discipline such as aromatherapy can be a great way of learning how to work with people in a healing environment.