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Clinic day with Lynne Hampson supervising


Lynn Hampson, Northern College of Acupunture clinic stream leader

Tell us about students’ progress in clinic and how this actually works?

Clinical Stream Leader Lynne Hampson

"In our teaching clinic all our students are individually supported and assessed and during this particular session I am “light touch” supervising Rikke who is coming towards the end of her training, and encouraging Caroline in her first year. Here at the NCA we recognise that each student progresses at their own pace. We have small numbers of students in clinic and we get to know the students as individuals, give individual attention to each student, and monitor their progress throughout their three years in clinic. I love the interaction with the patients and the students and clinic days are always challenging but thoroughly rewarding. Students enjoy the clinic as it brings together all the theory and practice from the classroom; they get to see how it all comes together."



Students in our acupuncture teaching clinic

Third year student Rikke and first year student Caroline are working with Clinical Stream Leader Lynne Hampson during one of their clinical practice days here at the NCA teaching clinic. We take great pride in giving our students a practical clinical training and experience, and our acupuncture courses are designed so that everything that you learn in class you then practise in our busy clinic on real patients. We gradually build your clinical expertise throughout your three years - from your first day’s observation, through your second year when you are getting more hands on, to your third year when you will be leading the consultations and treatments and right through to becoming a fully-fledged acupuncturist! In clinic you are taught and guided by our team of clinical supervisors who care about our students and their progress, and who all bring their own personal skills and expertise to their sessions.


Rikke Wagnes - Can you tell us about your experience in clinic during your training?

"In preparation for opening our own clinic, the main focus in the third year is getting us ready for treating patients and overcoming as many fears and obstacles as possible under supervision. In the photo on the left, Lynne is explaining the importance of direction of needle and technique, demonstrating the needle insertion of this particular point. Clinic is the best part of my training, and where I feel the most confident. Having had the chance to practise and be part of such a wonderful team, has made me confident and ready. There are many highlights during my three years, and all due to the co-operation of the team"

Patient Dave Laverick - How was the treatment from the patient’s perspective?

"One of the perks of working in the College is that I can access acupuncture treatments! As the IT Administrator I work most of the day on a computer and sometimes this leads to neck stiffness. I manage this with a combination of acupuncture and tuina Chinese massage - treatments that I receive in the clinics, and this really helps to keep things under control. I also really like to see how the students and staff, whom I am supporting with their IT needs, work together for the benefit of their patients. In this instance - me!"




Caroline Wardropper - What are you doing and how has your first year in clinic been?

"I am assisting Rikke by selecting the correct size of needle to pass to her and I am observing the needling technique being used after assisting Rikke to locate the point. One of the surprises in clinic is how much you learn from fellow students. The third years have been more than happy to share their knowledge and experience and have encouraged me to develop my skills by getting me involved in the consultation. In the second year I am really looking forward to becoming more hands-on, beginning to needle and putting some of the theory into practice, and to building up my bank of clinical knowledge by seeing more cases. I have seen successes during my time in clinic this year and one that particularly comes to mind is successfully treating a patient with shoulder pain who said she wouldn’t be able to continue working in her physically demanding job if she didn’t have treatment."